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There is a lot about me most people do not know. I am very shy until I get to know someone. I do not like crowds as they scare me and always have. I am more of a loner than anything. I have been through a lot in my life, but I came out stronger than ever. I have survived cancer when I was younger, lost two babies Morgan and Kincaid, my dear angels, watched my husband fight his cancer, and him losing sight in his right eye, to taking care of us all. I would not change a thing. I adore my life and my family. I love to write. I have written 2 novellas and a children’s book in hopes of getting them published. One of these days I hope that dream will come true. I did have one poem published a few years ago. One of the novellas is a mystery of course. The other one is a romance/mystery about one of Jane Austen’s characters. How could anyone think otherwise? You will have to stay tuned as I am working on my 3rd novel which is a sequel to the first book I wrote. You can click on the my regular website section and see what they are all about. I also enjoy working on my crafts, puzzles, cooking, baking, gardening along with my reading and writing of course. If you haven’t figured it out I am a big fan of Jane Austen. g


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Review Policy

All reviews are posted here on my book blog, Bookbub and Goodreads which in turn post to Twitter and Facebook. So you can see a lot of people are going to see my reviews. Of course, I can post to anything you would like if not mentioned above. *Amazon will not be posted to as they have taken down my reviews three times now. I am tired of fighting them. It is going to take authors and publishers to stand up to them to make a change.* I am honest about my reviews if I like it OR if I don’t I will explain why so the reader can get a good idea of how I came by my opinion. Things to include: Title, Genre, Blurb, Cover, Amazon Link or Goodreads link , Authors website.