Streamline the Book Review Request Process

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For Book Reviewers

Do you run a book blog or write online book reviews, and are finding yourself spending too much time responding to requests from authors for book reviews?

Perhaps you're fed up with receiving spammy emails from writers who obviously haven't read your submission guidelines?

BiblioBuzz is a free tool for reviewers that enables you to receive and manage only relevant book review requests quickly and easily from a central dashboard.

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For Authors

Reviews from bloggers and other online book reviewers are an important marketing tool for authors - the more good reviews you have, the more books you will sell.

However, it's takes a lot of time and effort to individually research and contact relevant blogs and reviewers, and for that reason many authors neglect what can be a daunting task.

Welcome to BiblioBuzz - a free tool that makes it easy to submit requests for book reviews to book blogs and book reviewers all in one place.

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